Art Section members may be professional or hobby artists, but most belong because they enjoy broadening their art experience.Phyllis

Meetings are twice a month, on the first and third Tuesday at 1 pm at the Clubhouse

PROGRAMS for 2018-19

August 28, 2018
Fine Arts Membership Gala, 1 p.m. El Zagal Shrine, 1429 3rd St N, Fargo

September 18
Todd Mickelson, “Friends of Chimbote” (Peru) Hosts: Mary Dahl, Jeanne Aske

October 2
Artistic Director Adam Pankow, What’s New About Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre.
Hosts: Jean Berg, Carol Marquardt

October 9
Nut Order Deadline

October 13
Bling Bling, Fine Arts Clubhouse

October 16
Tour at North Dakota Assistive Technology Living Center, 3240 15th St S, Fargo. Meet there. Hosts: Pat Yahnke, Delayne Karls

November 6
Matt Gasper and Dancers, FM Ballet’s Mini Nutcracker.
Hosts: Marlene Ames, Jane Nissen

November 20
Development Director Erica Johnsrud, Ronald McDonald House News
Hosts: Ruth Wibe, Carol Wambheim

December 4
Becky Albright, Alexandria, Minn., artist, “Gyotaku—The ancient Japanese art of painting fish”.
Host: Mary Broderick

December 5
Holiday Tea, 1 to 3 p.m. Fine Arts Clubhouse

December 18
Art Section Gift Exchange. Bring one wrapped gift of your favorite item of food, lotion, etc. $10 limit.
Hosts: Diane Rustad, Delayne Karls

January 15, 2019
Kim Jore, History and Paintings of Architecture in Fargo.
Hosts: Sandra Miles, Sharon Mund

February 5
Matt Leiseth, History of Hornbachers.
Hosts: Norma Swanson, Judy Cunningham

February 19
Art Section Annual Meeting and Friendship Circle.
Hosts: Wendy Miller, Wanda Christensen

March 5
FM Opera’s Young Artist Concert.
Hosts: Phyllis Boatman, Gwen Pitsenbarger

March 19
Kathy Luther, Art and Mosaics with local artist.
Hosts: Diane Clark, Sharon Rezac

April 2
Scholarship Potluck Luncheon, Student from NDSU,
Salads from Members A to K Hosts: Diane Rustad, Betty Fiemann

April 3
Fine Arts Annual Meeting, 1 p.m. Fine Arts Clubhouse

April 16
The Lyre Trio, piano, violin and cello music.
Hosts: Maureen Batterberry, Carol Padden

Mystery Fund-raiser, Fine Arts Clubhouse

May 7
Spring Luncheon at the Clubhouse
Hosts: Joan Faust

July 10
Fine Arts Summer Open House, 10 a.m. Fine Arts Clubhouse
Hosts: Art and Drama