Creative Living

The diverse nature of programs under the aptly named Creative Living Section enable members to learn about social concerns, philanthropic opportunities, current civic topics, historical interpretations or simply enjoy pure entertainment.

Meetings are twice a month on the

Second & fourth Thursdays at  1 pm


August 28
Fine Arts Membership Gala, 1 p.m. El Zagal Shrine, 1429 3rd St N, Fargo

September 13
Danielle Teigen, Hidden History of Fargo Hosts: Joanne Drenkow, Joann Horn, Ann Anderson, Audrey Needham

September 27
Neil and Nancy Jordheim, Machu Picchu Hosts: Mary Simle, Carol Norgard, Judy Kohlman, Linda Bakewell

October 9
Nut Order Deadline

October 11
Violet Deilke, Center for Health and Wellness, Before and After Hosts: Cory Haverkamp, Trudy Such, Barb Rudh, Wini Christensen

October 13
Bling Bling, Fine Arts Clubhouse

October 25
Mark Piehl, Civil Liberties in World War I Hosts: Gail Monson, Gloria Wrigley, Char Griffeth, Gerry Kennedy

November 8
Vance Vannote, Women of White Earth Hosts: Bonne Williams, Joyce Voorhees, Judith Kadrmas, Kathy Stottler

November 27
Clubhouse Decorating Board, Book, and Creative Living

December 5
Holiday Tea, 1 to 3 p.m. Fine Arts Clubhouse

December 13
Christmas Luncheon Hosts: Rose Dunn, Mary Severson, Barb Rudh, Wendy Trottier

January 10
Nichole Hensen, Nichole’s Fine Pastry Hosts: Vonne Anderson, Joyce Larsen, Pat McCabe

January 24
Jean Voorhees, The Accidental Globe Trotter Sue Murray, Sharon Rezac, Betty Fiemann

February 14
Jan Nelson, Heart Springs Hosts: Jan Koski, Cindy Magnuson, Jean Berg

February 28
Curt Rustand, Ceramics and Glass of the Arts and Crafts Period Hosts: Emily Kulland, Jean Nelson, Carol Johnson

March 14
Tammy Swift, Humor in the Heartland Hosts: Cate Coghlan, Clare Degerness, Wendy Trottier

March 28
Pamela Kinslow, Violet Vintage Hosts: Jan Reynen, Marilyn Bronken, Dallas Boatright, Judy Gehrke

April 3
Annual Meeting, 1 p.m. Fine Arts Clubhouse Hosts: Art and Creative Living

April 11
Dan Francis, Fargo, Past and Present Hosts: Rose Dunn, Ada Drache, Judy Fritz, Joyce Voorhees

April 25
Verlene Dvoracek, Ginger Dietz and Bonnie Ames, Cuba Now Hosts: Jeanne Hole, Nadine Anderson, Susan Brudvik, Shirley White

Mystery Spring Fund-raiser, Fine Arts Clubhouse

May 9
Luncheon, Social Time Hosts: Rose Dunn, Barb Rudh, Cory Haverkamp

July 18
Fine Arts Summer Coffee & Open House, 10 a.m., Fine Arts Clubhouse


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