Drama, Film & Music

Members and guest presenters provide lectures and readings  from many different aspects of drama:  classical or modern plays, playwrights or actors’ lives, local theater productions, and movies

Meetings are twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 1 pm

Drama Program

Drama 1948 Present nobody Wanted

(a scene from the Drama Section in 1948)


August 28, 2018
Fine Arts Membership Gala, 1 p.m. El Zagal Shrine, 1429 3rd St N

September 17

Gooseberry Park Players Host: Norma Peltier, Touchmark, lunch begins at 12 noon

October 1

Kathy Tofflemire, Fargo South High’s Donkey Hotey Host: Karen Alm

October 9

Nut Order Deadline

October 13

Bling Bling, Fine Arts Clubhouse

October 15

Marian Zieske, Who Said it First, literary everyday expressions Host: Don Larew

November 5

Betty Kerns, Theatre B with Carrie Wintersteen Host: Katherine Murphy

November 19

Pat Johnson, We Just Can’t Get Enough About Shakespeare Host: Vonnie Tweed

December 3
Shared Christmas Stories Cookie exchange

December 5

Fine Arts Holiday Tea, 1-3 p.m. Fine Arts Clubhouse Hosts: History and Drama

January 21,

2019 Lou Richardson, Oscar History Host: Marian Zieske

February 18

Pat Johnson, The Academy Awards with Matt Olien Host: Phyllis Peterson

March 4

Lois Brown, TBA Host: Pat Chinquist

March 18:

Don Larew, Touring Theatre in North Dakota Host: Kathy Tofflemire

April 3

Fine Arts Annual Meeting, 1 p.m. Fine Arts Clubhouse

April 15

Vonnie Tweed, TBA Host: Pearl Patterson


Mystery Spring Fund-raiser, Fine Arts Clubhouse

May 6 (1:30

Pat Chinquist, Whenth Cometh the Musical Host: Betty Kerns

July 10, 2019

Fine Arts Summer Coffee & Open House, 10 a.m., Fine Arts Clubhouse Hosts: Art and Drama


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