Each year, members select one theme of history and how it relates to our community and world today. Programs are developed by members and guest lecturers.

Meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 10:00 am at the Clubhouse

This year’s theme is

“1917-2017 One Hundred Years of Change”

History Programs

Sept 27  Retail Business Donna Nelson (Hostess: Patricia Johnson)

September 29     Fine Arts Fall Kickoff, 2pm

October 11     Nut Order Deadline

October 11    A History of Mental Health Nursing in ND with Sandie Berreth (Hostess: Lois Altenburg)

October 14     Bling Bling

October 25    Campaigns and Elections, Sheryl McIntyre (Hostess: Lois Altenburg)     

November 8     Travel, Delaine Bjerke (Hostess: Ruth Morton)

December 6     Holiday Tea 1-3 pm  

December 13   The Twenties and Prohibition, Jan Jackson (Hostess: Lois Altenburg)

January 10      Hospitality Industry, TBA (Hostess: Lois Altenburg)

January 24      Agriculture, Alic Such (Hostess: Sue Lindlauf)     

February 14    Communications, Lois Altenburg (Hostesses: Sheryl McIntyre, Joyce Brummond)

February 28    Money Banking and Investing, TBA (Hostesses: Phyllis Stoa, Alice Such)

March 14        The Automobile Industry, Sue Lindlauf (Hostesses: Sharon Rezac, Carol Zielinski)

March 28         Education, TBA (Hostess: Jan Jackson)      

April 4             Annual Meeting, 1pm 

April 11           Scholarship Program (Hostess: Lois Altenburg)

April 27-28      Bargain Boutique at the Clubhouse

April 25            The World Map, Olivia Altenburg (Hostess: Sandie Berreth)

May 9                Luncheon (Hostess: Delaine Bjerke)

July 18              Summer Open House


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