Members of Garden Section enjoy flowers and the love of nature.  Field trips are made to campuses, garden centers and homes to share green thumb experiences

Meetings are generally on the 4th Monday at 1 pm from March through October, although times may vary due to weather factors


July 2018
Visit local yards Hosts: Sue Helms, Ruth Morton

Absaraka Tree Project Hosts: Pat Chinquist, Phyllis Peterson, Janet Lund

August 28
Fine Arts Membership Gala, 1 p.m. El Zagal Shrine, 1429 3rd St N, Fargo

I Heard it Through the Grapevine (creating globe) Hosts: Arne Gudmestad, Natasha Neihart, Emily Kulland

October 9
Nut Order Deadline

October 13
Bling Bling Fine Arts Clubhouse

Potluck Hosts: Sandy Knoll, Joan Mulkern, Shirley Larson

December 5
Fine Arts Holiday Tea, 1-3 p.m. Fine Arts Clubhouse

March 2019
March Madness Hosts: Sue Helms, Wendy Miller, Lori DeRemer

April 3
Fine Arts Annual Meeting, 1 p.m. Fine Arts Clubhouse Hosts: Sports & Games and Garden

Mystery Spring Fund-raiser, Fine Arts Clubhouse

Tiptoe Through the Tulips With Your Bonnets Hosts: LaVonne Rustad, Shirley Larson, Arne Gudmestad

Field trip to Laughing Earth (Ada, Minn.) and Driscoll Farms Hosts: Gerry Kennedy, Natasha Neihart

To be announced Hosts: Phyllis Peterson, Gail Monson

July 10
Fine Arts Summer Coffee & Open House 10 a.m., Fine Arts Clubhouse

Visit local yards Hosts: Clare Degerness, Linda Getz-Kleiman

Dizzy for Dahlias Hosts: Janet Lund, Pat Chinquist, Sandy Knoll

Dehydrating Vegetables and Flowers Hosts: Emily Kulland, Cleo Anderson, Joan Mulkern

Potluck Hosts: Gwen Rust, Ruth Morton

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