Welcome to The Fine Arts Club of Fargo

Established in 1911, the Fine Arts Club was originally a women’s organization focusing on general philanthropic work and enriching lives of its members in the Fargo, North Dakota region. More than one hundred years later, the Fine Arts Club is a vibrant nonprofit association serving the region of Fargo and West Fargo in North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota.

Clubhouse Available for Meetings

The lovely, historic Clubhouse at 601 4th Street South is available to rent for meetings, showers, recitals, dinners and other events.  Contact us at 235.6264.  With two floors of meeting spaces, a stage, and a grand piano, the Clubhouse has the right accommodations for any size group.

The Clubhouse Celebrates 100 Years

Built in 1916, the Clubhouse was given to the Fine Arts Club in 1930 by Mrs. Lizzie (John) Watson.

The original Fine Arts Club sign pictured below was made by Haile Chisholm, the ND Agricultural College Blacksmith.

 Front door

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